Let’s start with a short version of a discussion between me and a friend of mine who is a business owner. The journey of the valued client with my friend began when I asked him about how his business was doing, and all of a sudden, he became emotional and started expressing his frustration about how he was not getting value out of his business to the extent of he starts thinking about shutting it down. So I started asking him questions pushing to find the root problem, and in our Q&A, there was one question that we started getting more insights about the root cause of the problem. I asked him, “how many clients do you have” and he responded with a volume that was large enough for a business like his to do great, so right away, I understood it was not the problem of having clients. Long story short, we concluded that the quality of services he provides requires a different kind of client (Valued Clients). That’s where we start shifting focus and aim to what is valuable to the business.

Focus on your end goal, who keep your business running?

You could have ten times more clients than your competitor, but your competitor gets more value from a small portion: For example, you have two services one service earn 50 dollars, and the second service earn 1000 dollar; would you rather have 20 clients for the first service value 50 dollar and takes most energy from your business or you would rather have 5 clients that go for second service (or do both) and consume less energy from your company? of course you will go for second plan because five clients will generate 5,000 dollars to the business while first plan the 20 clients will generate $1,000 and exhaust your business operation. So no matter what services you provide, you always need to focus on valued clients for business continuity and allow it to scale.

Reanski Digital marketing focus on valued clients

Use a strategic plan to drive valued clients, business owner

Having a strategic marketing plan will help shift focus and allow valued clients to appreciate finding you online and drive to your business. So how do you make a digital marketing strategy plan? it start with understanding where your business stand, roadblocks and what your business smart goals short term and long term success plan, once you have a clear idea, you will need to start put it in to work like online assessment of your business. Once the assessment is completed the preparation step where you start gathering all the work need to be done including skills, tools and software to help you get the result you need. Now the implementation process takes place from all the information we collected. After that you need to test your work to see if it actually will deliver. last step but not least is to always update and change your work, also keep up with updates ib seo and pay per click or digital marketing in general.

Today’s Digital Marketing rapidly changes and Search Engines like google frequently updates the way ranking businesses require expertise and continue learning to catch up with all the changes to meet marketing goals.

How to accelerate your business goals? What business owner .

It is not a magic if you want to accelerate your digital marketing conversation rate with valued clients it starts with building the skills for it like local seo, technical seo, on page optimization, off page optimization, citation, online listing, google my business, pay per click, social media for business all of this are great to start getting your hands on or get help from professional Online marketing agency that provide a solution to your business based on factors such as current state, paint points and future goals either short term or long term goals or both.

If you want to learn more and take action, go to reanski.com and book a free consultation call and you will leave with a clear plan for what it takes to get more valued clients on repeat. Having a digital marketing agency take the responsibility of delivering results helps you focus on what is you good at and running your business instead of doing the operation work. However, you could take advantage of free valuable services to get a clear picture what your business lacking of such as a consultation call and Analysis report to help you get started.

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