Why get a professional website?

Most potential customers have their first experience with your business through your
website. 81% of shoppers choose to research a company online before purchasing, according to
https://Zippia.com business statistics. Moreover, by 2040, an estimated 95% of all purchases will be
facilitated by e-commerce. So, where will that leave your company?
You may think you do not need a professional internet presence, but you would be wrong. More
than ever, small to medium businesses need their company to be accessible online to stay afloat.
Building your own website may save some money now, but that decision will hurt your bottom
line in the long run.

Consider this. You build your website using one of those quick systems. It looks ok, not the best,
but you think it will get by. You launch it and start working on your company. All is great, right?
Probably not. The concept of if you build it, they will come does not work on the world wide
web, with millions of websites updating daily. Did you optimize the site for the web correctly?
How about your keywords? How do they look? Then you notice that your images take much
longer to load than you like, but you need to know how to fix them. Now you have issues, but
you built them yourself, so now you have to try and find the solutions to fix them.
All the while, your business is missing you. The work that needs to be done to grow isn’t
happening because you are cutting corners when you should be outsourcing.

A professional design and maintain website created by the Reanski Agency will save you
all that time and get you the results you need to build your dream. Spend your time doing what
you do best, make your company exceptional, and let Reanski Agency take care of your internet

5 reasons why you need a professional website

Professional vs basic.

Digital Marketing Services

Professional vs basic

    1. Business Brand: Business website should reflect to your company brand as you are attracting your leads/clients to know they land to the right business.

    1. Online Presence: As your local store is the physical location you still need an online presence and be way to achieve that by having a site that meets business requirement to be presence.

    1. Optimized search engine: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is huge for getting leads and it start with your site to be optimized first. Example; Speed is very important in the digital world all companies and technologies are competing to have a faster upload and download speed and your site should consider speed for both user experience and Search engine trust.

    1. Security: Your site should always be secured to avoid malicious activity and gain trust.

  1. Best practices: Avoid getting flagged and having penalty from Search engine like google which leads to major issues for ranking. When you think about a website, think about a business entity representing and speaking about your excellent services or what you provide.

Meanwhile, building a website with basic web design approach means it’s lacking on one or more of the buckets required to scale your business through online marketing. You may have web development experience or your web design have a nice look but lacks performance; this will affect user experience and getting trusted by search engines like Google and Bing; in fact, any of the elements we mentioned above must be included when building a site for the internet to trust you and ranking as well as having a great user experience.

We can work with your company step by step, from web design to digital ads; our scalable
marketing solutions give you the peace of mind and the information you need to take those next
steps, you can reach reanski agency at https://reanski.com/con.